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From replacing floors. To installing new cabinets. To a complete remodelling.

Bathroom Refurbishment in Kingston…

Bathroom Fitting in Kingston by Taged Builders Makes Everything Simple

A new shower. Redecorating. Whatever you have in mind for your bathroom renovation in Kingston, Taged Builders makes the entire process straightforward. Start by getting an expert in to discuss your bathroom refurbishment plans at your address. With no commitment.

Then get an all-inclusive quote on all of the costs involved. And, finally and most importantly, get all work carried out by qualified specialists. Experts in every trade.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

You’ll have something clear in mind for what you want to get out of your bathroom refurbishment in Kingston. We send you a qualified and experienced professional to discuss this with you. At your address. Without you needing to lift a finger – other than the ones you use to type with. Get obligation-free advice on making your project happen the way you want it to. And then get sent a quote in under five working days.

All of Taged Builders Kingston’s bathroom renovation services come with:

  • A quality guarantee which protects your investment long into the future
  • A quote which will not be subject to change later on – and which includes all costs
  • The ability to meet your budget with ease – thanks to having that detailed discussion first
  • A commitment to the careful preparation of the working area and minimal disruption
  • Industry-recognised expertise delivered by a team approved by the NIC EIC

Professional information of any kind.

Get all of this alongside your bathroom refurbishment in Kingston

The experts needed for all grades of bathroom fitting in Kingston – do you need plumbing? Electrical rewiring? To construct custom cabinets, fixtures or fittings? Your team will be brought together out of all the individual specialists your project requires. Their work will be professionally coordinated to ensure it’s free from delays.

Your own personal point of contact – your project manager will always be up-to-date about the progress of your refurbishment. Give them a call if you ever have any questions at all. You can get an update or any other information you might like. At any time.

The skills needed for commercial and domestic bathrooms – you’ll find previous examples of Taged Builders Kingston’s transformative expertise in homes and workplaces across the local area. Get the expertise you nee d to renovate your washroom. Wherever it happens to be.

Make your dreams come true

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There’s no obligation to making a quick call to 020 3404 2995. Or to sending us a few details online. You can then arrange a convenient appointment at whatever time suits you best. From 9 am to 7 pm, every day of the working week from Monday through Friday.