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From building custom furniture. To constructing an entire extension for your property.

Carpenters in Kingston…

Your Carpentry Service in Kingston by Taged Builders is Perfect For Any Purpose

These are the carpentry services Kingston home and business owners turn to for all kinds of tasks. Whether you need expert woodworkers alone. Or to pair their work with other kinds of expertise to complete your project.

Taged Builders Kingston provides the right team for the task at hand. Qualified. Experienced. Fully insured. Vetted and approved by the NIC EIC.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

Talking through your project with a professional is the best way to proceed. Which is why Taged Builders Kingston will happily send out an expert to your address at your convenience. You can show them the space you want to develop. Any plans that you might already have. Then you can count on getting some specialist advice. And, afterwards, on receiving a fully costed quote within three to five working days.

In addition to this, getting your carpenters in Kingston from us ensures that:

  • You are covered by an extensive quality warranty at all times
  • Your quote will include all costs involved in your service
  • You will always meet your budget – because of that initial onsite chat
  • You will experience the absolute minimum disruption while your carpentry services are in progress
  • Your team will be approved by the NIC EIC and carefully vetted too

Professional information of any kind.

What else your carpenters in Kingston will do for you

Scale your service to get the woodwork you need – whether you need Taged Builders Kingston’s help with your house extension. With installing a new set of cupboards or shelves. Or with designing and building a suite of custom furniture. Your service will always be tailored to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to.

Professional project management included – so your work is perfectly coordinated with any other tasks which you might be getting done at the same time. And progress reports are always available from the same place – your personal project manager.

Get advice on material selection – certain types of wood are better for certain situations. Get any suggestions you might need to create hard-wearing kitchen counters or magnificent cabinets when you get in touch.

Make your dreams come true

Contact us at your convenience

Dial 020 3404 2995 any time during the week from 9 am to 7 pm. You can request any more information you might like. As well as a convenient onsite meeting whenever fits in with your schedule. Speak with one of our advisors whenever you have a few minutes to spare.