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Stop water dead in its path. Check the damage it’s done. Dry it out.

Damage Repairs in Kingston…

Damage Renovation in Kingston by Taged Builders Will Save Your Property

Then get everything you need for water damage renovation in Kingston. All from the same trusted local company – Taged Builders Kingston.

All fully guaranteed and insured. And all able to transform your flooded or water-damaged home back to its best again. In the shortest possible amount of time.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

First things first. Before your damage repair in Kingston can start, that damage needs to be assessed by a professional. Give us a call and we’ll send an expert armed with a specialist piece of water penetration-measuring equipment to your address. They’ll investigate the situation. Take down all of your requirements regarding the outcome you have in mind. And instantly get to work creating the solution for you.

Using Taged Builders Kingston means that you get:

  • A lasting quality guarantee with all of the workmanship you get to return your property to normal
  • A clear quote upfront – one which includes every single cost associated with your service
  • A stress-free discussion as to how to meet your budget first
  • Everything from initial assessment and drying to full and final damage restoration in Kingston
  • A qualified, highly experienced team who have been approved by the NIC EIC

Professional information of any kind.

Why else use us for damage repair in Kingston?

From assessment to a perfect finish – your Taged Builders Kingston team will consist of all of the individual experts you need. The specialists you need to assess and dry your property. Then the carpenters, floor fitters, electricians, Gas Safe engineers, plumbers, painters and decorators you need for full damage renovation services. Having them all as part of the same team ensures they work smoothly together. With each and every task smoothly following the one before.

Get updates from your personal project manager – your project manager will be known to you by name. Whenever you have a query – before, during or after your damage repair service has started – you can give them a call to get the answer.

Specialist drying equipment – including industrial-grade dehumidifiers to extract all of the liquid and damp from your property.

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And get fast action on your service. Call us on 020 3404 2995 or use one of our online enquiry methods. You can get through to us any time from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. It’s easy to make any arrangements you might need. Or to ask any questions you might have. Before going ahead.