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Ripping up every inch of your old floor and putting down a whole new one. It sounds like a lot of effort.

looring Service in Kingston…

Your Flooring Service in Kingston by Taged Builders Comes With a Guarantee

But Taged Builders Kingston makes it simple. Your flooring services in Kingston will be delivered by an all-trades team of specialists. Every expert you need to get the job done. You’ll get a clear quote on making it happen.

And any planning assistance or advice you need first of all. You can have us lay any type of flooring in Kingston too. From vinyl and laminates. To tiles. To slate and hardwoods.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

Taged Builders Kingston’s policy of coming to meet you at your address first ensures you always get the flooring you need. Whether that means as part of a larger renovation project. Or delivered singly. You can set the time for your appointment. Speak to a specialist without any commitment. And then expect to receive a fully costed quote on the work you want to have done in less than five working days.

As well as this, all of the flooring services we deliver in Kingston come with:

  • A cost-free quality warranty protecting all workmanship
  • Every single labour and materials cost associated with your service included in your quote
  • The ability to meet your budget with ease – Taged Builders Kingston can meet almost any price point
  • Minimal disruption caused to your property while work is underway
  • A team which has been approved by the NIC EIC

Professional information of any kind.

Use us for your flooring in Kingston when you want to:

Lay any kind of material in your home or office – from large areas of hard-wearing flooring in busy kitchen workspaces and offices. To luxurious hardwoods in cosy home studies. You’ll be relying on the same expertise which has fitted floors across the local area.

Stay on top of things – with the assistance of your own personal account manager. They’re your single point of contact. Ideal when you want to request a status report or project update.

Complete all of your home renovations – our floor fitters are used to working in concert with all of the other specialist tradesmen on the Taged Builders Kingston team. When you’re planning larger-scale work, expect the smooth, delay-free coordination of all necessary tasks.

Make your dreams come true

Get in touch with us now

Phone 020 3404 2995 any time between 9 am and 7 pm to get more information. Or to set a convenient time for your onsite planning session. You’ll find someone here to take your call every day from Monday to Friday inclusive.