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What have you always dreamed of having in your garage? A home office? Your own gym? An extra living room? A games room?

Garage Conversion in Kingston…

Garage Conversion in Kingston by Taged Builders is Ideal For Any Purpose

Get your garage conversion in Kingston by Taged Builders to make creating your perfect space simple. Here you’ll be able to discuss your plans with a professional first. You’ll know you have all of the different tradesmen you need under the same roof – so there’ll be no delays in construction.

And, perhaps best of all, you get an upfront quote which includes all of the costs associated with converting your garage. So you’ll know how well it fits inside your budget. Right from the start.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

When you want to convert your garage in Kingston, the first step is to arrange for us to come and see your space in person. Taged Builders Kingston will send you a qualified specialist. Someone who will take down all of your requirements for your project. Who will measure the space. And then send you your fully itemised quote within three to five working days.

When you’re using us, you’ll also know that:

  • All of the work Taged Builders Kingston does is backed by a long-lasting quality guarantee
  • Your quote is fixed and final – so you’ll have no hidden surprises at a later date
  • You can meet your budget with ease – thanks to a clear discussion first
  • Your garage will be converted with minimal impact on your day-to-day life
  • All workmanship will be of the highest quality – you can be sure of this with a NIC EIC-approved team

Professional information of any kind.

WConvert your garage in Kingston and you’ll also:

Get any legal assistance you might need – will converting your garage require planning permission? If so, getting it won’t be a problem. Taged Builders Kingston can take that particular hassle off of your hands.

Have your own project manager – who will always be on the line, ready to take your call. Got a question about how you’ve planned to convert your garage in Kingston? About current progress projections? Get in touch.

Experience zero delays – your team will include all of the experts you need to complete your garage conversion services. Because of this, there will never be any delays caused by you waiting for a new contractor to arrive. Everything is properly coordinated.

Make your dreams come true

Get in touch today

Use our hotline – 020 3404 2995 – or our online support options to get in touch. Request any additional information you might like. Or set up your initial planning session. You can do this any day from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm.