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Adding an extension to your home is a large project.

Home Extension in Kingston…

All the Trades You Need For Home Extensions in Kingston by Taged Builders

But it’s a whole lot easier with a team of all-trade professionals helping you. When you know someone else is handling the planning – as well as getting the planning permission sorted on your behalf. Let Taged Builders help you build your home extension in Kingston.

You’ll get a clear quote first. No matter what final use you want to put your new extension to. Gym? Office? Living space? Bedroom? No problem. Followed by an in-house team featuring all the experts you need to make your vision a reality. Without any of the stress this sort of project usually entails…

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

First of all, because you’ll be able to make your goals known in fine detail. You’ll work in close concert with a member of our advisory team even before you hire us. Simply tell us when’s best. You’ll be met with a friendly specialist at your door. They can offer advice and planning assistance. And the notes and measurements they take will enable you to be sent an itemised quote within three to five working days.

As well as this, you’ll get:

  • An all-eventualities quality warranty protecting every part of your house extension in Kingston
  • The sure and certain knowledge that your quote is fixed and finalised
  • An in-depth discussion regarding your budget, goals and choice of materials
  • A carefully planned project featuring coordinated work from all the necessary tradespeople
  • A specially assigned team picked from among Taged Builders Kingston’s vetted, qualified, NIC EIC-approved professionals

Professional information of any kind.

What else your Kingston house extension services come with

The expertise for any kind of home extension – combine the work of all the professional builders you need in Kingston – carpenters, plumbers, electricians and more. To create any kind of extra space and value your home needs.

Work with your own project manager – serious work like this needs seriously good management. Your personal account manager will be in charge of the coordination of your team. As well as keeping you updated as to progress.

Help with the legal aspect – let Taged Builders Kingston’s specialists handle all enquiries relating to the planning of your house extension services.

Make your dreams come true

Contact us

Dial 020 3404 2995 to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. Taged Builders Kingston also maintains online booking facilities for you to use.

Call any time between 9 am to 7 pm on any weekday. There are plenty of options to arrange your onsite planning session or get any information you need.