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Picturing a whole new look for part of your flat? Or do you want to transform your entire house? To refresh? Update? Or beautify?

House Renovation in Kingston…

Choose Full or Partial House Refurbishment in Kingston by Taged Builders

Get your house or flat refurbishment in Kingston by Taged Builders to make the process stress-free. You’ll have expert advice provided onsite if you need it. Your quote will always include all of the necessary labour and materials.

And, of course:
You’ll have all of the professionals you need to actually complete your work in the same place. So there’ll be no time spent waiting around for the “next job” to get started.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

Making your dreams for your home come true is all the easier when you speak to an expert first. For a start, you get any recommendations you might need – or any information. That’s why Taged Builders always makes an onsite visit the first stage of your flat or house refurbishment in Kingston. There’s no commitment at all to ordering one of these visits. Plus, you can get a quote which is fixed afterwards. This will arrive within three to five working days.

By using us, you’ll also be sure of getting:

  • The peace of mind which a full and lasting quality guarantee will give you
  • No hidden costs at a later date – your quote will be fully itemised
  • House or flat refurbishment services which meet your budget – Taged Builders Kingston can meet almost any price point
  • A sensible progression of tasks, with proper preparation of the working area beforehand
  • A NIC EIC-approved team of professionals to ensure the highest quality of work

Professional information of any kind.

How house refurbishment in Kingston works with us

You start with professional planning assistance – do you need a little help turning your initial concepts or ideas into a workable plan or design? Not a problem. Your first onsite meeting will give you all of the design expertise you need.

Work comes from all the qualified tradesmen you need – house renovation in Kingston, or anywhere else, is often an involved process. Requiring several different experts. It’s easy to make these specialists work around each other delay-free when they’re part of the same experienced team.

Your project is expertly coordinated – by your personal project manager. They will always be available to discuss any aspect of your refurbishment with you.

Make your dreams come true

Getting in touch

Reach out to us on 020 3404 2995 at any time. Or choose an online enquiry method. You can get extra information. Or choose the most convenient time for your initial planning session to take place. Contact us at these times or opt for the following hours for your appointment: 9 am to 7 pm on all weekdays.