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Highly experienced in both interior and exterior painting.

Painting and Decorating in Kingston…

Painters in Kingston by Taged Builders Are Always Certified

Getting convenient, high-quality painting and decorating in Kingston is easier when you’ve got experts on your side. Taged Builders Kingston makes sure you do. With a team of specialists in the type of work at hand. Whether that’s some light touch-up work around your office.

Full-scale redecoration of your home’s interior. Or re-painting the worn exterior of your property. You always get the right kind of expert. The right kind of materials. And a full quality guarantee protecting you throughout.

About Us…

Why come to Taged Builders Kingston?

Long before you agree to hire our painters in Kingston, you will be able to meet with one of our planning team at your address. This happens without obligation of any kind. But it is the easiest way to tell us what you want from your painting and decorating services. And the way in which we can most easily guarantee that the quote you receive less than five working days later will be entirely accurate.

Taged Builders Kingston works in a way which ensures you always get:

  • A quality warranty on all of the workmanship you get from us
  • A finalised quote right from the start – there are no hidden charges here
  • A fully costed service which will meet your budget
  • As little disruption to your daily schedule as possible while your painting is happening
  • Work from a team which have been carefully vetted – as well as approved by the NIC EIC

Professional information of any kind.

Using our painters in Kingston means you also get:

Interior and exterior painting expertise – you need painters and decorators in Kingston who have experience carrying out your particular type of work. The wealth of experience in the Taged Builders Kingston team ensures that with us, you always do.

Specialist paints for all situations – do you need a fresh coat for your property exterior? Will it need to stand up to rain, snow and sun? How about for metal surfaces like radiators? Or a wooden surface like your garden fence? Your decorating will always involve the use of the most suitable materials.

Speak with one person every time – whether large or small, your project will have a single manager assigned to it. This person will be your go-to point of contact. For any and all details relating to your painters and decorators.

Make your dreams come true

Call us at your convenience

Contact us any time you need us. Or reach us online. Our hotline is available on 020 3404 2995 from 9 am to 7 pm, every day from Monday to Friday. You can get extra details about getting what you need from us. Including that convenient initial meeting to plan your work.